Best UX book I’ve come across – and it’s not a UX book

image Reading a book called Switch – How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. It’s a great book and it’s occurring to me it’s every bit as relevant to user experience as any UX book I’ve read.

It describes a three part approach to getting people to change their behaviour.

When we design digital experiences we’re trying to change people’s behaviour. We’re trying to get them to perform certain tasks, take in certain information or purchase certain things.

Paraphrased here are the book’s  three essential cogs for revving the machine of change:

  1. Establish clear directions for that part of people’s brains that’s responsible for analysis and planning
    This relates most directly to having clear calls to action and presenting information in ways that allow for easy way-finding and good scanability.
  2. Provide motivation for action by appealing to people’s emotions
    The most logically arranged digital interface isn’t going to get people to behave how you want them to without some kind of emotive inspiration put in terms that leads people to instantly visualize themselves on a new path.
  3. Create an environment in which the change in behaviour can happen easily
    The digital context our target finds themself in needs to enable the new behaviour. Ignoring this is like having a brilliant online storefront with no working shopping cart behind the buy now button.

I’m often wary of official UX books. I tend to value forming my own perspective on experience direction and drawing on non-digital references so this book is fantastic.

Thanks to Sav at MBS for the recommendation.


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